Mobile Courses

Mobile Adventure Parks

We create mobile adventure courses that can be installed on any flat surface, both indoor or outdoor.


  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Built mecano type
  • Safety for the user in the mobile adventure park consists of a continuous belay system which means that children will always be connected with their pulleys to the ground-to-ground safety system
  • Very little maintenance

Conditions of access

  • The maximum allowed weight of the user is 90 kg
  • Approximate duration is 20 minutes per lap
  • The age of children from three years to 14
  • The minimum height is 1 meter
  • The number of users per hour goes from 1 to 80
  • The number of children at the same time is 14
  • The number of games is 12 (may vary by order)
  • The number of monitors 1
  • The safety system is the continuous belay system